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Realtime with the Xdbus

Realtime mit dem Xdbus

The tried and tested dbus of the LB300 series was evolved into the Xdbus. There is no longer any master/slave design, instead the cards can communicate with each other in any order. The formerly separated lines for sending and receiving were replaced with a bidirectional 485 bus with a busy-line to achieve high error tolerance. Random collisions in inter-card communications are corrected by software in the µ controller.

However, the pivotal improvements in comparison to the dbus consists of the implementation of the CAN bus and trigger lines. Among other things, the synchronization clock signal generated by the system controller is transmitted via the trigger bus in order to control the time bases on the cards. The time basis of the synchronization clock signal is programmable from 10µs to 10s at a precision of 10-5. The individual clocks on the cards are synchronized with each other at the system boot and then they are all controlled by the clock signal of the system controller. In addition, a separate trigger line leads to each card in order to establish, e.g. direct connection to external measurement devices. Adding a time stamp to various actions gives rise to the actual real-time capacities of the test system in evaluating data.

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  • Real time through time stamps
  • Board synchronization through Bus, a timebase for all boards
  • Trigger Bus
  • Individual Trigger select-line to each board
  • Data transfer via CAN
  • No Master/Slave by the intelligent board with busy-line